Design a Female Character: Exploring Copic Markers


In class we’ll be exploring gray Copic markers and how we can use them to add an extra level of depth and style to our character illustrations!

If you want to learn the basics of drawing female characters, then please join me in my previous course, Design a Female Character: Sketching Portraits with Pencils first. There, you'll find step by step breakdowns of each individual feature of the face. Then when you’re ready, jump into this class for a fun twist on the subject! 

What's included in this download:

7 Instructional videos with a focus on sketching, shading with gray Copic markers, adding details, experimenting with alternative methods, and tips for improving.

(50 minute runtime)

Recommended Materials:

Use the pencils, paper, and markers you have available, then add to your materials as you wish!


(Copic Markers can be found at DickBlick, Jerry's, Michaels, and Amazon)




This exact class is also hosted by Skillshare, a monthly subscription service. All videos are accessible there every month you pay. Promo Video

However, if you're interested in having the videos for your personal library and lifetime access, they can be downloaded here at Gumroad!

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Design a Female Character: Exploring Copic Markers