My Favorite Procreate Brushes

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When I go to paint in the Procreate App, there are 4 main brushes that I use.

Here are my TOP 4 Procreate Brushes, yours free! :)

That said, I LOVE to experiment and make my own brushes! And if I'm not using the 4 in my free set, these are the ones I'm likely reaching for. This is a sampling that includes my very favorite brushes from each of my custom brush sets.


From my Glitter Brush Set, I've included 3D Glitter and Sharp Edged Glitter. I love using these brushes on jewelry, sparkly clothing, and even make up! When painting, use a saturated orangey color and these brushes will glow like gold.

From my Watercolor Brush Set, I've added Rainbow Wash and Liner 1. I use Rainbow Wash to create large, colorful watercolor patches. And I use Liner 1 for foliage and for painting roses. I'm throwing in the watercolor paper too, so you can really get the full effect!

From my Oil Paint Brush Set, I’ve included Painterly and Walnut Oil. Painterly is such a fun oil brush. This brush can make amazing alla prima looking effects. Walnut Oil is such a favorite for me. I love using it to get that wet paint look. It works great in painterly, abstract backgrounds!

From my Portrait Brush Set, I’ve included Freckles 3 and Hair with Grain. I love Freckles 3. This brush will create realistic looking freckles in seconds! And sometimes, I find hair brushes can look a little overly digital. I think Hair with Grain solves this! Because it has a little grittiness to the texture. It works great on all sorts of hair types.

From my Texture Brush Set, I’ve added Textured Stroke. I love this brush for both painting and smudging! I like it because it’s a rough brush! I helps me not paint TOO carefully and it helps me paint more freely. 

From my Charcoal Brush Set, I’ve included my brush Charcoal Powder. I enjoy using this brush for both drawing (look at the texture!) and for smudging. I love experimenting with this brush!

I hope you enjoy these brushes as much as I do.

Happy creating! :D

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My Favorite Procreate Brushes

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