Drawing and Painting Portraits: A Guide for Artists

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About This Class:

In this class, you’ll learn how to draw and paint the human portrait! 

You’ll learn how to construct a head, the basic proportions of the face, and how to make quick gesture drawings. We'll talk about the important anatomical landmarks on the face and how to break down each feature into easy to draw forms.

I’ll be using the Procreate App on my iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil for this. And I’ll be sharing tips all along the way for using that. But really, this class is for anyone who wants to develop their portrait drawing and painting skills, no matter the medium. 

Worksheets are included to help you solidify the information, as well as tons of demonstrations, so you can see the ideas in action!

If you love portrait drawing, or if you're interested in learning, download the class today and discover how rewarding painting the human portrait can be!

What's Included:

Drawing Resources & Exercises

Instructional Videos (11 Class Videos with 2 hours, packed full of content)

Demonstration and Time-lapses

New Procreate Brush Set

Video Lessons:

  • Materials
  • Basic Forms and Proportions of the Head
  • Gesture Drawing
  • Anatomy of the Head
  • Conceptualizations of the Head
  • The Features
  • The Features Continued
  • Painting Demo
  • Time-lapses and Tips
  • Saving and Sharing Your Work
  • Closing Thoughts

Watch the promo here!

This class was originally created for Skillshare, a monthly subscription service. All videos are accessible there every month you pay. (You also get access to ALL the classes I've ever made.)

However, if you are interested in having just this class, for your personal library and lifetime access, then it can be downloaded here on Gumroad! 

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Drawing and Painting Portraits: A Guide for Artists

13 ratings
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