Photoshop Demystified: A Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting


If you've ever been interested in digital painting, but the thought of working in Photoshop has intimidated you, look no further! I've made this Photoshop class with the absolute beginner in mind.

Learn how to turn your traditional sketches into new digital creations. With easy to follow tutorials, you will learn how to clean up your sketch in Photoshop, how to easily add color to your illustrations, and how to apply textures and effects to your artwork.

We'll talk about digital tablets, Photoshop's interface, canvases, brushes, layers, working with color, blending modes, textures, proportional helpers, channels, blur effects, sharpening effects, and more!

Class Runtime: 38 minutes, broken down and organized into 12 easy to follow videos. 


This exact class is also hosted by Skillshare, a monthly subscription service. All videos are accessible there every month you pay.

However if you are interested in having the videos for your personal library and lifetime access, they can be downloaded here at Gumroad!

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Project Files referred to in class can be found here.

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Photoshop Demystified: A Beginner's Guide to Digital Painting